How It Works allows sellers to:

  1. Create an account
  2. Enter their PayPal Address to receive their proceeds
  3. Load images of cards that are for sale
  4. Price each card for sale and include quantity for sale
  5. Receive notification of which cards are purchased, what to write in the card, and where to send the card too (Our standards are cards should be mailed within 24 hours)
  6. There is a 10% commission fee on every purchase, which PayPal automatically deducts from the sellers proceeds allows buyers to:

  1. Purchase cards from sellers, one seller per checkout because of mailing address functionality.
  2. Enter what the card should say, of which the seller will handwrite
  3. Request a Blank Card so buyers may fill it out themselves, should they choose
  4. Pay for the card(s) via PayPal
  5. Expect up to 7 days for cards to be received via regular mail
  6. Rate your experience allows receipients to:

  1. Receive a lovely handmade card directly from the artist, with sentiments indicated by the sender.
  2. Log into and rate your card. will try it's best to resolve any discrepancies, but does encourage everyone to utilize PayPal's wonderful resources.


Detailed Instructions for Card Designer Set-up


  • After you register, and are logged in, you'll see in the menu towards the top that says: Dashboard, Account Management, Orders, and Account Management. Please move your mouse over Account Management and click on Seller Payment Info from the dropdown menu. Update your Paypal Address and Save.


  • Go to Account Management again and click on Add Profile Info. Your Profile is what the public will see. Update this page and Save. Please note that the name you use is what buyers will see. 


  • Move your mouse over Product Management in the menu towards the top and Add Product. Update and Save. After you add your first product, and save it, it takes a few minutes for the website to activate your 'storefront' for the first time. But, clicking on the My Storefront link in the upper right hand corner will show your public profile with the cards for sale.